Be My Baby- The Ronettes

I'm On Fire- Bruce Springsteen

These Days- Nico

Criminal- Fiona Apple

Hey Jude- The Beatles

my sister loves me so much

I led my field hockey team in a quick yoga session this weekend (we had 4 games in one day, our muscles were seriously tight) and afterwards all of the girls were telling me how I should become a yoga teacher because I had the skill and the voice for it, and I obviously wouldn’t do it full time but like??? why not??

I really enjoy it as an exercise and eventually I want to be able to do all of the really intense poses, so it would be cool to try and teach it someday!

and then maybe i’ll become an instafamous yogi and my life will be all beachy and perfect who knows


The Core Four + first and last words

♔ Harry Potter Meme: Three Colours [2/3]
↳ White

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musingsandobsessions replied to your post “you guys i’m so scared to run a half marathon”

You can do it and you’re going to have so much fun!

thank you, I hope so!!

Happy 29th Birthday Patricia Rooney Mara! (April 17th, 1985)

Anonymous said:
oh okay no problem! i'm sorry i didn't want to force you or something like that, thanks for being so patient :)

oh no worries, I just know it has been a while and people are getting antsy! I’m actually working on it right now :)